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TOW Studio Artists

For each project we are successful in funding at The Old Waterworks, we create a care package that we send to support members of the community who are not able to attend our events in person.

You can put your name forward for a care package from this round or for future care packages by sending an email to with the subject title Care Package.

Care Package #3 

We believe that access to art is an important part of all of our lives and we want to make sure people don’t miss out because of inaccessible environments, caring responsibilities or vulnerable health conditions.

This package has been created by three of our studio artists: Shaun Badham, Charlotte Hamilton and Philippa Stewart. Each of the artists has created a bespoke item for this care package. 

From Shaun Badham: A series of unique paint colour samples relating to Shaun’s work on the Plotlands and land rights in Essex. There is a photograph with a note from Shaun on the back to tell you more. 

From Charlotte Hamilton: A letter from Charlotte and a bespoke screen-print that invites you to collaborate creatively and share the end result with the artist.

From Philippa Stewart: A handmade, reclaimed, lino printed fabric drawstring bag containing a hand whittled crochet hook, instructions on how to crochet with a QR code that links to video instructions, and reclaimed fabric yarn to use for crocheting. 

We hope you enjoy what they’ve prepared for you, as much as they’ve enjoyed putting it together.

Care Package #2

Documentation to come

Care Package #1

Documentation to come

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