Riso Inductions and Open Access

A hand with painted fingernails pushing in the second ink drum of a Risograph printer. A 'Destroy Fascism' sticker is visible on the front of the printer.

Risograph Inductions and Open Access Risograph printing at The Old Waterworks will return very soon, in order to make use of the open access sessions, you will first need to have an induction at TOW. For further enquires contact info@theoldwaterworks.com

TOW x TOMA x Pluto Press

Events coming in 2024 Explore the themes of Sophie K Rosa’s book Radical Intimacy through a series of events hosted at The Old Waterworks with our friends The Other MA.

The Agency of Visible Women

Ruth Jones founded The Agency of Visible Women in 2018. Initially intended as a play on words for a group exhibition, The Agency’s positive impact on its members in its capacity as an artist network resulted in Ruth and Damien Robinson’s determination to explore its potential. Ruth and Damien conducted research in their home town of Southend, working with the womxn and femmes they know and those they had not yet met. Out of this they created a publication giving voice to their collaborators’ (and their own) experiences within the creative sector. The resulting publication is “A Snapshot of Southend as a Cultural Environment for Womxn Artists”, a risographed artists’ edition of 50, published by The Old Waterworks. This is

Precarious straits

Survival on Southend’s new coast, Southend-under-Sea 22 May – 19 June 2021 ‘Precarious straits ~ survival on Southend’s new coast, Southend-under-Sea’ is a collaborative project from TOMA (The Other MA) and TOW (The Old Waterworks) and is a Creative Estuary co-commission with additional funding from Arts Council England. The project consisted of a group exhibition, a series of events, workshops, a postal care package, new writing and poster commissions responding to the precarious times we inevitably face. The exhibition will be at the TOMA Project Space and a series of events and workshops leading away from the rising tides of the estuary, down the high street and in-land to TOW. Alongside this activity we have invited three writers-in-residence, Holly Firmin, Rose

my inner ear could no longer take those limitless seas / These supple waters

31 August – 22 October 2019 my inner ear could no longer take those limitless seas/These supple waters is a work in progress, a test-bed for a new, interdisciplinary approach within Emily Hawes’ practice. Working at the intersection of choreography, video and site-specific research, this assemblage of works form an attentive and informal survey of the Thames and Blackwater estuaries.  It is the first iteration—comprising of four new responses—to a period of time spent learning about the Essex estuaries. In May 2019 Emily Hawes stayed in Southend-on-Sea investigating conservation projects, sites of ecological significance, estuarine communities and industrial histories along the Thames and Blackwater estuaries. Drawing from ideas of embodiment and ecological ethics she wanted to think about how the

The Jump Room

24 September – 5 November 2017 The Old Waterworks is pleased to announce The Jump Room by Richard Whitby. This is the third iteration of Whitby’s project, which will incorporate a newly commissioned two- screen video installation with a set of drawings, a performance in Southend-on-Sea this Autumn with Sooyon Kim and Siôn Parkinson, and a publication with texts by Honor Gavin and Virginia Woolf. The Jump Room takes its name from a conspiracy theory alleging the existence of devices allowing teleportation between Earth and Mars, installed in the form of ordinary looking elevators in several buildings in the US.  Theories such as this one seem to explain the world through complex but linear and apparently evidenced narrative. Whitby is

Screen Printing Inductions and Open Access

A screenprinting screen on a work top. Someone is spooning pink ink onto the screen, preparing to print

Screen Printing at The Old Waterworks returns for Inductions and Open Access. In order to make use of the open access sessions, you will first need to have an induction at TOW.

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